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Category Text Publication
Reference Category Journals
DOI 10.1029/2001WR000819
Title (Primary) Uncertainty estimation of well catchments in heterogeneous aquifers
Author Stauffer, F.; Attinger, S.; Zimmermann, S.; Kinzelbach, W.
Journal Water Resources Research
Year 2002
Department CHS
Volume 38
Issue 11
Page From 1238
Language englisch
Keywords groundwater; protection zones; transport processes; modeling; uncertainty estimation; stochastic processes
Abstract The uncertainty in the boundary of two-dimensional, steady state well catchments due to the uncertainty of the spatially variable hydraulic conductivity field is investigated. The well discharge rate and the areal recharge rate are assumed constant. The catchment boundary is traced by backward particle tracking in the velocity field. The uncertainty bandwidth of the catchment boundary is approximated in first order by formulating the time-dependent longitudinal and transversal second moments of the particle displacements along and normal to the mean particle trajectory. Applications of the approach are presented for a set of simple configurations. The results are compared with the results from unconditional numerical Monte Carlo simulations. The comparison allows an assessment of the accuracy, the applicability, and the limits of the method. The approximation corresponds quite well with the Monte Carlo simulations provided that the distance to the domain boundary is sufficiently large.
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Stauffer, F., Attinger, S., Zimmermann, S., Kinzelbach, W. (2002):
Uncertainty estimation of well catchments in heterogeneous aquifers
Water Resour. Res. 38 (11), 1238