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Title (Primary) Das Vorsorgeprinzip - Refine it or replace it?
Author Hansjürgens, B.; Köck, W.;
Journal Gaia-Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society
Year 2002
Department OEKON; UPR; OEKUS;
Volume 11
Issue 1
Language deutsch;

The rise of the precautionary principle is accompanied by growing criticism. Crities are speaking about the "perils of precaution". They ask for more science and assert that the precautionary principle does not bring more good than harm. But is it true? This article discusses the assertions of the critics and advocates the precautionary principle, especially from a legal point of view.
ID 5561
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Hansjürgens, B., Köck, W. (2002):
Das Vorsorgeprinzip - Refine it or replace it?
GAIA 11 (1), 42 - 43