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Reference Category Journals
DOI 10.1016/S0026-265X(02)00057-7
Title (Primary) Modelling of environmental impact of different N-sources in soil/atmosphere system
Author Bálint, A.; Heltai, G.; Nótás, E.; Tarr, Z.; Jung, K.
Journal Microchemical Journal
Year 2002
Department OEC; COE
Volume 73
Issue 1-2
Page From 113
Page To 124
Language englisch
Keywords N-Cycle; 15N-isotope; Meso-cosmos; Micro-cosmos
Abstract Intensive application of N-fertilizer (inorganic and organic N-sources) may lead to water (nitrate leaching) and air (NOx, NH3 emission) pollution. Estimation and prediction of environmental hazard connected by N-fertilization requires modelling of N-cycling in agroecosystems. A three-level experimental system was built up for modelling the N-transformation processes running in different spatial and time scale in the soil/plant(biota)/atmosphere system. In 10 years harmonized series of micro-cosmos, meso-cosmos and field experiments using the stable isotopic 15N-tracer technique a solid data basis was collected for mathematical modelling. The three-compartmental mathematical model was based on the principles of the non-equilibrium thermodynamics. The experimental system made possible the quantitative estimation of plant—uptake and NOx-gas losses on a yearly scale. The mobilization/immobilization and nitrification/denitrification processes were described on a shorter-term scale (hours, days). The 20–80% of inorganic N-sources was taken up yearly by plants and NOx-gas losses were in the range of 10–25% of the source-N. The inorganic N-sources were totally depleted from the soil during the 3 years.
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Bálint, A., Heltai, G., Nótás, E., Tarr, Z., Jung, K. (2002):
Modelling of environmental impact of different N-sources in soil/atmosphere system
Microchem J. 73 (1-2), 113 - 124