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DOI 10.1023/A:1022370927468
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Title (Primary) Large scale mixing for immiscible displacement in heterogeneous porous media
Author Neuweiler, I.; Attinger, S.; Kinzelbach, W.; King, P.
Source Titel Transport in Porous Media
Year 2003
Department CHS
Volume 51
Issue 3
Page From 287
Page To 314
Language englisch
Keywords upscaling; two-phase flow; Buckley-Leverett flow; stochastic method; heterogeneous porous media; macrodispersion
Abstract We derive a large scale mixing parameter for a displacement process of one fluid by another immiscible one in a two-dimensional heterogeneous porous medium. The mixing of the displacing fluid saturation due to the heterogeneities of the permeabilities is captured by a dispersive flux term in the large scale homogeneous flow equation. By making use of the stochastic approach we develop a definition of the dispersion coefficient and apply a Eulerian perturbation theory to determine explicit results to second order in the fluctuations of the total velocity. We apply this method to a uniform flow configuration as well as to a radial one. The dispersion coefficient is found to depend on the mean total velocity and can therefore be time varying. The results are compared to numerical multi-realization calculations. We found that the use of single phase flow stochastics cannot capture all phenomena observed in the numerical simulations.
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Neuweiler, I., Attinger, S., Kinzelbach, W., King, P. (2003):
Large scale mixing for immiscible displacement in heterogeneous porous media
Transp. Porous Media 51 (3), 287 - 314 10.1023/A:1022370927468