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DOI 10.1021/jf803009u
Title (Primary) Fatty acid patterns of genetically modified Cry3Bb1 expressing Bt-Maize MON88017 and its near-isogenic line
Author Poerschmann, J.; Rauschen, S.; Langer, U.; Augustin, J.; Górecki, T.
Journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Year 2009
Department TUCHEM; BOOEK
Volume 57
Issue 1
Page From 127
Page To 132
Language englisch
Keywords Bt-maize; MON88017; fatty acids; GC-MS coupling; pleiotropic effects
Abstract Fatty acid (FA) profiles of the Bt-maize line MON88017 expressing the Cry3Bb1 protein and its near-isogenic line DKC5143 were examined. Plant compartments under study included leaves taken from different internodes and roots. Sample preparation involved pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) of the biomass, transmethylation of the extracted lipids to give fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs), and finally GC-MS analysis. The essential quality parameters for the FA profiles included total FA and sum of saturated FA, as well as double-bond index (DBI). FA profiles of the roots?characterized by high concentrations of homomorphic FA including palmitic and stearic acid, along with low concentrations of polyunsaturated surrogates?revealed high similarity between the genetically modified and the near-isogenic line. In contrast, FA profiles of the leaves showed significant differences: higher total FA concentrations and higher DBI were observed for the near-isogenic line. This was overwhelmingly associated with lower concentrations of a-linolenic acid (18:3?3,6,9ccc) in the genetically modified leaf samples. These differences were particularly pronounced for leaves taken from the fourth elongated, above-ground internode. Given the large reported variability in the population of maize lines, MON88017 and its near-isogenic line can be regarded as equivalent with regard to their fatty acid profiles, despite the differences observed for the leaves. Further experiments are needed to assess whether the genetic modification of Bt-maize plants might induce unintended effects with regard to FA profiles.
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Poerschmann, J., Rauschen, S., Langer, U., Augustin, J., Górecki, T. (2009):
Fatty acid patterns of genetically modified Cry3Bb1 expressing Bt-Maize MON88017 and its near-isogenic line
J. Agric. Food Chem. 57 (1), 127 - 132