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Title (Primary) Tritium balance modelling in a macroscale catchment
Author Koeniger, P.; Wittmann, S.; Leibundgut, C.; Krause, W.J.;
Journal Hydrological Processes
Year 2005
Department ASAM;
Volume 19
Issue 17
Language englisch;
Keywords tritium; tritium load; residence time; macroscale; Weser catchment Germany
Abstract Tritium concentrations measured in precipitation and discharge are combined with hydrological and meteorological information on a monthly basis over a period of 50 years in order to study tritium balances and hydrological interactions in macroscale catchments. Three subcatchments of the Weser River in Germany (Werra 5410 km(2), Fulda 6890 km(2) and Weser- 115 320 km(2)) were used to test a tritium balance model, to study residence times, groundwater storage behaviour and tritium load of different water balance components. A comparison of measured and modelled tritium concentrations in discharge showed considerable fits with model efficiencies close to 0.7. The estimated residence times for an estimated fast and slow groundwater component are between 5 to 8 years and 7 to 28 years respectively. The results indicate a tritium load of 12 to 14% of the precipitation input over the whole time period moving through groundwater reservoirs and 13 to 16% transported through direct discharge. Copyright (c) 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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Koeniger, P., Wittmann, S., Leibundgut, C., Krause, W.J. (2005):
Tritium balance modelling in a macroscale catchment
Hydrol. Process. 19 (17), 3313 - 3320