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DOI 10.1117/12.603416
Title (Primary) Magnetic soil properties in Ghana
Title (Secondary) Detection and remediation technologies for mines and minelike targets X
Author Hendrickx, J.M.H.; Harrison, J.B.J.; van Dam, R.L.; Borchers, B.; Norman, D.I.; Dedzoe, C.D.; Antwi, B.O.; Asiamah, R.D.; Rodgers, C.; Vlek, P.; Friesen, J.
Publisher Harmon, R.S.; Broach, J.T.; Holloway, J.H.
Journal Proceedings of SPIE
Year 2005
Department CHS
Volume 5794
Page From 165
Language englisch
Abstract In this paper we present the results of a study of some soil magnetic properties in Ghana. The soils sampled formed in different parent materials: Granites, Birimian rocks, and Voltaian sandstones. We discuss the role of environmental controls such as parent material, soil drainage, and precipitation on the magnetic properties. The main conclusion of this reconnaissance study is that the eight different soil types sampled have their own unique magnetic signature. Future research will have to confirm whether this conclusion holds for other soils in Ghana. If it does, the measurement of magnetic soil properties may become a viable complement for the investigation of soil erosion, land degeneration, and pedogenesis. The magnetic soil properties measured would probably not pose any limitations for the use of electromagnetic sensors for the detection of land mines and UXO.
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Hendrickx, J.M.H., Harrison, J.B.J., van Dam, R.L., Borchers, B., Norman, D.I., Dedzoe, C.D., Antwi, B.O., Asiamah, R.D., Rodgers, C., Vlek, P., Friesen, J. (2005):
Magnetic soil properties in Ghana
In: Harmon, R.S., Broach, J.T., Holloway, J.H. (eds.)
Detection and remediation technologies for mines and minelike targets X
Proceedings / SPIE 5794
SPIE, Bellingham, WA, p. 165