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DOI 10.1128/AEM.71.12.7792-7798.2005
Title (Primary) Planktonic-cell yield of a pseudomonad biofilm
Author Bester, E.; Wolfaardt, G.; Joubert, L.; Garny, K.; Saftic, S.
Journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Year 2005
Department FLOEK
Volume 71
Issue 12
Page From 7792
Page To 7798
Language englisch
Abstract Biofilm cells differ phenotypically from their free-floating counterparts. Differential growth rates in biofilms are often referred to, particularly in response to limited diffusion of oxygen and nutrients. We observed growth rates of attached Pseudomonas sp. strain CT07 cells that were notably higher than the maximum specific growth rate measured in batch culture. Despite dilution rates in continuous flow cells that exceeded the maximum planktonic specific growth rate by 58 times, sampling of the effluent revealed > 10(9) cells ml(-1), suggesting that biofilms function as a source of planktonic cells through high cell yield and detachment. Further investigation demonstrated considerable planktonic cell yield from biofilms as young as 6 h, indicating that detachment is not limited to established biofilms. These biofilm-detached cells were more sensitive to a commercial biocide than associated biofilm- and chemostat-cultivated populations, implying that detached biofilm cells exhibit a character that is distinct from that of attached and planktonic cell populations
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Bester, E., Wolfaardt, G., Joubert, L., Garny, K., Saftic, S. (2005):
Planktonic-cell yield of a pseudomonad biofilm
Appl. Environ. Microb. 71 (12), 7792 - 7798