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DOI 10.1016/j.tim.2024.02.010
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Datathons: fostering equitability in data reuse in ecology
Author Datathon 2022 Consortium, ; Jurburg, S.D.; Álvarez Blanco, M.J.; Chatzinotas, A.; Kazem, A.; König-Ries, B.; Babin, D.; Smalla, K.; Cerecetto, V.; Fernandez-Gnecco, G.; Covacevich, F.; Viruel, E.; Bernaschina, Y.; Leoni, C.; Garaycochea, S.; Terra, J.A.; Fresia, P.; Figuerola, E.L.M.; Wall, L.G.; Covelli, J.M.; Agnello, A.C.; Nieto, E.E.; Festa, S.; Dominici, L.E.; Allegrini, M.; Zabaloy, M.C.; Morales, M.E.; Erijman, L.; Coniglio, A.; Cassán, F.D.; Nievas, S.; Roldán, D.M.; Menes, R.; Jauri, P.V.; Marrero, C.S.; Massa, A.M.; Morel Revetria, M.A.; Fernández-Scavino, A.; Pereira-Mora, L.; Martínez, S.; Frene, J.P.
Source Titel Trends in Microbiology
Year 2024
Department AME
Volume 32
Issue 5
Page From 415
Page To 418
Language englisch
Topic T7 Bioeconomy
Abstract Approaches to rapidly collecting global biodiversity data are increasingly important, but biodiversity blind spots persist. We organized a three-day Datathon event to improve the openness of local biodiversity data and facilitate data reuse by local researchers. The first Datathon, organized among microbial ecologists in Uruguay and Argentina assembled the largest microbiome dataset in the region to date and formed collaborative consortia for microbiome data synthesis.
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Datathon 2022 Consortium, , Jurburg, S.D., Álvarez Blanco, M.J., Chatzinotas, A., Kazem, A., König-Ries, B., Babin, D., Smalla, K., Cerecetto, V., Fernandez-Gnecco, G., Covacevich, F., Viruel, E., Bernaschina, Y., Leoni, C., Garaycochea, S., Terra, J.A., Fresia, P., Figuerola, E.L.M., Wall, L.G., Covelli, J.M., Agnello, A.C., Nieto, E.E., Festa, S., Dominici, L.E., Allegrini, M., Zabaloy, M.C., Morales, M.E., Erijman, L., Coniglio, A., Cassán, F.D., Nievas, S., Roldán, D.M., Menes, R., Jauri, P.V., Marrero, C.S., Massa, A.M., Morel Revetria, M.A., Fernández-Scavino, A., Pereira-Mora, L., Martínez, S., Frene, J.P. (2024):
Datathons: fostering equitability in data reuse in ecology
Trends Microbiol. 32 (5), 415 - 418 10.1016/j.tim.2024.02.010