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DOI 10.1017/sus.2023.25
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Title (Primary) Ten new insights in climate science 2023/2024
Author Bustamante, M.; Roy, J.; Ospina, D.; Achakulwisut, P.; Aggarwal, A.; Bastos, A.; Broadgate, W.; Canadell, J.G.; Carr, E.R.; Chen, D.; Cleugh, H.A.; Ebi, K.L.; Edwards, C.; Farbotko, C.; Fernández-Martínez, M.; Frölicher, T.L.; Fuss, S.; Geden, O.; Gruber, N.; Harrington, L.J.; Hauck, J.; Hausfather, Z.; Hebden, S.; Hebinck, A.; Huq, S.; Huss, M.; Jamero, M.L.P.; Juhola, S.; Kumarasinghe, N.; Lwasa, S.; Mallick, B.; Martin, M.; McGreevy, S.; Mirazo, P.; Mukherji, A.; Muttitt, G.; Nemet, G.F.; Obura, D.; Okereke, C.; Oliver, T.; Orlove, B.; Ouedraogo, N.S.; Patra, P.K.; Pelling, M.; Pereira, L.M.; Persson, Å.; Pongratz, J.; Prakash, A.; Rammig, A.; Raymond, C.; Redman, A.; Reveco, C.; Rockström, J.; Rodrigues, R.; Rounce, D.R.; Schipper, E.L.F.; Schlosser, P.; Selomane, O.; Semieniuk, G.; Shin, Y.-J.; Siddiqui, T.A.; Singh, V.; Sioen, G.B.; Sokona, Y.; Stammer, D.; Steinert, N.J.; Suk, S.; Sutton, R.; Thalheimer, L.; Thompson, V.; Trencher, G.; van der Geest, K.; Werners, S.E.; Wübbelmann, T.; Wunderling, N.; Yin, J.; Zickfeld, K.; Zscheischler, J. ORCID logo
Source Titel Global Sustainability
Year 2023
Department CHS
Volume 7
Page From e19
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords Climate risks; Earth system governance; just transition; mitigation and adaptation; science-policy vulnerability
Abstract Non-technical summary
We identify a set of essential recent advances in climate change research with high policy relevance, across natural and social sciences: (1) looming inevitability and implications of overshooting the 1.5°C warming limit, (2) urgent need for a rapid and managed fossil fuel phase-out, (3) challenges for scaling carbon dioxide removal, (4) uncertainties regarding the future contribution of natural carbon sinks, (5) intertwinedness of the crises of biodiversity loss and climate change, (6) compound events, (7) mountain glacier loss, (8) human immobility in the face of climate risks, (9) adaptation justice, and (10) just transitions in food systems.
Technical summary
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Reports provides the scientific foundation for international climate negotiations and constitutes an unmatched resource for researchers. However, the assessment cycles take multiple years. As a contribution to cross- and interdisciplinary understanding of climate change across diverse research communities, we have streamlined an annual process to identify and synthesize significant research advances. We collected input from experts on various fields using an online questionnaire and prioritized a set of 10 key research insights with high policy relevance. This year, we focus on: (1) the looming overshoot of the 1.5°C warming limit, (2) the urgency of fossil fuel phase-out, (3) challenges to scale-up carbon dioxide removal, (4) uncertainties regarding future natural carbon sinks, (5) the need for joint governance of biodiversity loss and climate change, (6) advances in understanding compound events, (7) accelerated mountain glacier loss, (8) human immobility amidst climate risks, (9) adaptation justice, and (10) just transitions in food systems. We present a succinct account of these insights, reflect on their policy implications, and offer an integrated set of policy-relevant messages. This science synthesis and science communication effort is also the basis for a policy report contributing to elevate climate science every year in time for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.
Social media summary
We highlight recent and policy-relevant advances in climate change research – with input from more than 200 experts.
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Bustamante, M., Roy, J., Ospina, D., Achakulwisut, P., Aggarwal, A., Bastos, A., Broadgate, W., Canadell, J.G., Carr, E.R., Chen, D., Cleugh, H.A., Ebi, K.L., Edwards, C., Farbotko, C., Fernández-Martínez, M., Frölicher, T.L., Fuss, S., Geden, O., Gruber, N., Harrington, L.J., Hauck, J., Hausfather, Z., Hebden, S., Hebinck, A., Huq, S., Huss, M., Jamero, M.L.P., Juhola, S., Kumarasinghe, N., Lwasa, S., Mallick, B., Martin, M., McGreevy, S., Mirazo, P., Mukherji, A., Muttitt, G., Nemet, G.F., Obura, D., Okereke, C., Oliver, T., Orlove, B., Ouedraogo, N.S., Patra, P.K., Pelling, M., Pereira, L.M., Persson, Å., Pongratz, J., Prakash, A., Rammig, A., Raymond, C., Redman, A., Reveco, C., Rockström, J., Rodrigues, R., Rounce, D.R., Schipper, E.L.F., Schlosser, P., Selomane, O., Semieniuk, G., Shin, Y.-J., Siddiqui, T.A., Singh, V., Sioen, G.B., Sokona, Y., Stammer, D., Steinert, N.J., Suk, S., Sutton, R., Thalheimer, L., Thompson, V., Trencher, G., van der Geest, K., Werners, S.E., Wübbelmann, T., Wunderling, N., Yin, J., Zickfeld, K., Zscheischler, J. (2023):
Ten new insights in climate science 2023/2024
Glob. Sustain. 7 , e19 10.1017/sus.2023.25