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DOI 10.3390/rs15143664
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) MISPEL: A multi-crop spectral library for statistical crop trait retrieval and agricultural monitoring
Author Borrmann, P.; Brandt, P.; Gerighausen, H.
Source Titel Remote Sensing
Year 2023
Department RS
Volume 15
Issue 14
Page From art. 3664
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords MISPEL; spectral library; crop monitoring; crop traits; hyperspectral remote sensing; Sentinel-2; machine learning; leaf area index (LAI); SNAP; winter wheat
Abstract Spatiotemporally accurate estimates of crop traits are essential for both scientific modeling and practical decision making in sustainable agricultural management. Besides efficient and concise methods to derive these traits, site- and crop-specific reference data are needed to develop and validate retrieval methods. To address this shortcoming, this study first includes the establishment of ’MISPEL’, a comprehensive spectral library (SpecLib) containing hyperspectral measurements and reference data for six key traits of ten widely grown crops. Secondly, crop-specific statistical leaf area index (LAI) models for winter wheat are developed based on a hyperspectral (MISPELFR) and a simulated Sentinel-2 (MISPELS2) SpecLib applying four nonparametric methods. Finally, an independent Sentinel-2 model evaluation at the DEMMIN test site in Germany is conducted, including a comparison with the commonly used SNAP-LAI product. To date, MISPEL comprises a set of 1411 spectra of ten crops and more than 6800 associated reference measurements. Cross-validations of winter wheat LAI models revealed that Elastic-net generalized linear model (GLMNET) and Gaussian process (GP) regressions outperformed partial least squares (PLS) and random forest (RF) regressions, showing RSQ values up to 0.86 and a minimal NRMSE of 0.21 using MISPELFR. GLMNET and GP models based on MISPELS2 further outperformed SNAP-based LAI estimates derived for the external validation site. Thus, it is concluded that the presented SpecLib ’MISPEL’ and applied methodology have a very high potential for deriving diverse crop traits of multiple crops in view of most recent and future multi-, super-, and hyperspectral satellite missions.
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Borrmann, P., Brandt, P., Gerighausen, H. (2023):
MISPEL: A multi-crop spectral library for statistical crop trait retrieval and agricultural monitoring
Remote Sens. 15 (14), art. 3664 10.3390/rs15143664