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DOI 10.1007/10_2023_217
Title (Primary) Introduction to cyanobacteria
Title (Secondary) Cyanobacteria in biotechnology. Applications and quantitative perspectives
Author Lindberg, P.; Kenkel, A.; Bühler, K.
Publisher Bühler, K.; Lindberg, P.
Source Titel Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology
Year 2023
Department UMB
Volume 183
Page From 1
Page To 24
Language englisch
Topic T7 Bioeconomy
Keywords Cyanobacteria; Metabolic engineering; Photobioreactors; Solar cell factories
UFZ inventory Leipzig, Bibliothek, Hauptlesesaal, 00546461, 582.232 : 663.1 Cya 23-0216
Abstract Cyanobacteria are highly interesting microbes with the capacity for oxygenic photosynthesis. They fulfill an important purpose in nature but are also potent biocatalysts. This chapter gives a brief overview of this diverse phylum and shortly addresses the functions these organisms have in the natural ecosystems. Further, it introduces the main topics covered in this volume, which is dealing with the development and application of cyanobacteria as solar cell factories for the production of chemicals including potential fuels. We discuss cyanobacteria as industrial workhorses, present established chassis strains, and give an overview of the current target products. Genetic engineering strategies aiming at the photosynthetic efficiency as well as approaches to optimize carbon fluxes are summarized. Finally, main cultivation strategies are sketched.
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Lindberg, P., Kenkel, A., Bühler, K. (2023):
Introduction to cyanobacteria
In: Bühler, K., Lindberg, P. (eds.)
Cyanobacteria in biotechnology. Applications and quantitative perspectives
Adv. Biochem. Eng. Biotechnol. 183
Springer Nature, p. 1 - 24 10.1007/10_2023_217