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DOI 10.3390/genes13111984
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Genome mining reveals high biosynthetic potential of biocontrol agent Bacillus velezensis B.BV10
Author BertĂȘ, R.; Teixeira, G.M.; de Oliveira, J.P.; Nicoletto, M.L.A.; da Silva, D.V.; de Godoy, G.G.; Sipoli Sanches, D.; de Resende, J.T.V.; de Padua Pereira, U.; Nunes da Rocha, U.; de Oliveira, A.G.
Source Titel Genes
Year 2022
Department UMB
Volume 13
Issue 11
Page From art. 1984
Language englisch
Topic T7 Bioeconomy
Keywords plant growth-promoting bacteria; biocontrol; biosynthetic pathways; B. velezensis
Abstract The present study demonstrates the biocontrol potential of a plant growth-promoting bacterial strain using three different approaches: (i) an in vitro evaluation of antagonistic activity against important phytopathogenic fungi; (ii) an evaluation under greenhouse conditions with strawberry plants to assess the control of gray mold; and (iii) an in silico whole genome sequence mining to assign genetic features such as gene clusters or isolated genes to the strain activity. The in vitro assay showed that the B.BV10 strain presented antagonistic activity, inhibiting the mycelial growth in all the phytopathogenic fungi evaluated. The application of the Bacillus velezensis strain B.BV10 under greenhouse conditions reduced the presence of Botrytis cinerea and increased the mean fruit biomass. The genome of B.BV10 was estimated at 3,917,533 bp, with a GC content of 46.6% and 4088 coding DNA sequences, and was identified as B. velezensis. Biosynthetic gene clusters related to the synthesis of the molecules with antifungal activity were found in its genome. Genes related to the regulation/formation of biofilms, motility, and the important properties for the rhizospheric colonization were also found in the genome. The current study offers a comprehensive understanding of the genomic architecture and control activity of phytopathogenic fungi by the B. velezensis strain B.BV10 that may substantiate the industrialization of this strain in the future.
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BertĂȘ, R., Teixeira, G.M., de Oliveira, J.P., Nicoletto, M.L.A., da Silva, D.V., de Godoy, G.G., Sipoli Sanches, D., de Resende, J.T.V., de Padua Pereira, U., Nunes da Rocha, U., de Oliveira, A.G. (2022):
Genome mining reveals high biosynthetic potential of biocontrol agent Bacillus velezensis B.BV10
Genes 13 (11), art. 1984 10.3390/genes13111984