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DOI 10.1007/s11427-021-2148-7
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Title (Primary) Differential impacts of adult trees on offspring and non-offspring recruits in a subtropical forest
Author Wang, F.; Mi, X.; Chen, L.; Xu, W.; Durka, W. ORCID logo ; Swenson, N.G.; Johnson, D.J.; Worthy, S.J.; Xue, J.; Zhu, Y.; Schmid, B.; Liang, Y.; Ma, K.
Source Titel Science China-Life Sciences
Year 2022
Department BZF
Volume 65
Issue 10
Page From 1905
Page To 1913
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords genetic relatedness; conspecific negative density dependence; Janzen-Connell hypothesis; species coexistence; forest dynamics plot; subtropical forest
Abstract An important mechanism promoting species coexistence is conspecific negative density dependence (CNDD), which inhibits conspecific neighbors by accumulating host-specific enemies near adult trees. Natural enemies may be genotype-specific and regulate offspring dynamics more strongly than non-offspring, which is often neglected due to the difficulty in ascertaining genetic relatedness. Here, we investigated whether offspring and non-offspring of a dominant species, Castanopsis eyrei, suffered from different strength of CNDD based on parentage assignment in a subtropical forest. We found decreased recruitment efficiency (proxy of survival probability) of offspring compared with non-offspring near adult trees during the seedling-sapling transition, suggesting genotype-dependent interactions drive tree demographic dynamics. Furthermore, the genetic similarity between individuals of same cohort decreased in late life history stages, indicating genetic-relatedness-dependent tree mortality throughout ontogeny. Our results demonstrate that within-species genetic relatedness significantly affects the strength of CNDD, implying genotype-specific natural enemies may contribute to population dynamics in natural forests.
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Wang, F., Mi, X., Chen, L., Xu, W., Durka, W., Swenson, N.G., Johnson, D.J., Worthy, S.J., Xue, J., Zhu, Y., Schmid, B., Liang, Y., Ma, K. (2022):
Differential impacts of adult trees on offspring and non-offspring recruits in a subtropical forest
Sci. China-Life Sci. 65 (10), 1905 - 1913 10.1007/s11427-021-2148-7