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Title (Primary) Research priorities for sustainability science. Position paper
Author Jacob, D.; Birkmann, J.; Bollig, M.; Bonn, A. ORCID logo ; Nöthlings, U.; Ott, K.; Quaas, M.; Reichstein, M.; Scholz, I.; Malburg-Graf, B.; Sonntag, S.
Year 2022
Department iDiv; ESS
Page To 42
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Abstract With this position paper the DKN highlights pertinent research gaps and suggests forthcoming fields of research. It combines insights from global environmental change research and the environmental social sciences and humanities. This programmatic framework will form the basis of the future work program of the committee itself. Furthermore, it is hoped that it will motivate other scientists to engage across disciplinary boundaries with the manifold epistemological, theoretical, and methodological challenges of sustainability science. This contribution addresses agents in science, science management, and science funding in a national and an international context.
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Jacob, D., Birkmann, J., Bollig, M., Bonn, A., Nöthlings, U., Ott, K., Quaas, M., Reichstein, M., Scholz, I., Malburg-Graf, B., Sonntag, S. (2022):
Research priorities for sustainability science. Position paper
Deutsches Komitee für Nachhaltigkeitsforschung in Future Earth (DKN) / German Committee Future Earth, Hamburg, 42 pp.