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DOI 10.3390/su14095611
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Drivers and barriers to substituting firewood with biomass briquettes in the Kenyan tea industry
Author Suryani, A.; Bezama, A.; Mair-Bauernfeind, C.; Makenzi, M.; Thrän, D.
Source Titel Sustainability
Year 2022
Volume 14
Issue 9
Page From art. 5611
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords biomass briquettes; firewood substitution; tea industry; drivers and barriers; SWOT analysis; PESTEL analysis; thematic analysis
Abstract The tea industry in Kenya is among the main consumers of firewood for its intensive thermal energy demand. Along with the growing concerns about firewood depletion, tea factories have begun transitioning to alternative fuels to power their boilers. Briquettes made of biomass residues are among the promising solutions; however, they are not yet widely adopted. This study was conducted to identify the factors that motivate the tea factories to use biomass briquettes instead of firewood and the factors hindering such substitution. The substitution potential was assessed, and the drivers and barriers of the substitution were examined using a combination of SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis and a PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal) framework. The findings suggest that even though using biomass briquettes is technically possible, it is not economically favorable for tea factories. The SWOT/PESTEL analysis identified 27 factors influencing the substitution. Among the key drivers are the depleting supply of firewood, the availability of biomass residues, and the external support from development organizations to improve the technical capacity in both tea and briquette industries. The study revealed the barriers to substitution include the cost competitiveness, insufficient supply, and varying quality of briquettes, as well as the lack of awareness and knowledge of briquettes.
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Suryani, A., Bezama, A., Mair-Bauernfeind, C., Makenzi, M., Thrän, D. (2022):
Drivers and barriers to substituting firewood with biomass briquettes in the Kenyan tea industry
Sustainability 14 (9), art. 5611 10.3390/su14095611