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Title (Primary) Biological indicator systems in floodplains - a review
Author Dziock, F.; Henle, K.; Foeckler, F.; Follner, K.; Scholz, M.;
Journal International Review of Hydrobiology
Year 2006
Department NSF;
Volume 91
Issue 4
Page From 271
Page To 291
Language englisch;
Keywords bioindication; environmental assessment; biodiversity; RIVA project
Abstract Based on a literature review, the different approaches to biological indicator systems in floodplains are summarised. Four general categories of bioindication are defined and proposed here: 1. Classification indicators, 2.1 Environmental indicators, 2.2 Biodiversity indicators, 3. Valuation indicators. Furthermore, existing approaches in floodplains are classified according to the four categories. Relevant and widely used approaches in floodplains are explained in more detail. The results of the RIVA project are put into the context of these indication approaches. It is concluded that especially functional assessment approaches using biological traits of the species can be seen as very promising and deserve more attention by conservation biologists and floodplain ecologists
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Dziock, F., Henle, K., Foeckler, F., Follner, K., Scholz, M. (2006):
Biological indicator systems in floodplains - a review
Int. Rev. Hydrobiol. 91 (4), 271 - 291