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Title (Primary) Implementation of bioenergy in Germany – 2021 update
Author Baumgarten, W.; Kerckow, B.; Hennig, C.; Thrän, D.; Fritsche, U.R.
Publisher Pelkmans, L.
Source Titel IEA Bioenergy Country Reports
Year 2021
Volume 10/2021
Page To 22
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Abstract This report was prepared from the 2021 IEA World Energy Balances and Renewables Information,
combined with data and information provided by the IEA Bioenergy Executive Committee and Task
members1. Reference is also made to FAOstat and Eurostat data as well as data from national
statistics. All individual country reports were reviewed by the national delegates to the IEA
Bioenergy Executive Committee, who have approved the content. General background on the
approach and definitions can be found in the central introductory report for all country reports.
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Baumgarten, W., Kerckow, B., Hennig, C., Thrän, D., Fritsche, U.R. (2021):
Implementation of bioenergy in Germany – 2021 update
In: Pelkmans, L. (ed.)
IEA Bioenergy Country Reports 10/2021
IEA Bioenergy, 22 pp.