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DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.35521.28000
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Title (Primary) Results from a stakeholder survey on bioeconomy monitoring and perceptions on bioeconomy in Germany
Author Zeug, W.; Kluson, F.R.; Mittelstädt, N.; Bezama, A.; Thrän, D.
Source Titel UFZ Discussion Papers
Year 2021
Volume 8/2021
Page To 29
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords bioeconomy; sustainability; monitoring; stakeholder participation
Abstract Our current economic systems are transgressing planetary boundaries globally and yet societal needs
are not sufficiently and equally fulfilled. Fostering the bioeconomy as an economy based on renewable
resources can be a transformation towards a sustainable future, to fulfill societal needs within
planetary boundaries. However, sustainability is not intrinsic to the bioeconomy and consequently
advanced and comprehensive monitoring systems on a national scale are needed. In the systemic
modeling and monitoring of the German bioeconomy (SYMOBIO) a comprehensive national
monitoring framework in the context of global dynamics was developed, and a first pilot report of
monitoring results was published and presented to the public in June 2020. Stakeholder participation
plays a role in informing monitoring from the beginning. Consequently, in this study we aim at
evaluating the pilot report and monitoring as well as the general perception of the bioeconomy by an
open survey. We collected approximately 100 responses, mainly from the stakeholder group
"science". Most stakeholders are moderately satisfied with the monitoring and reporting. However,
social aspects of the bioeconomy like hunger, poverty and inequalities are considered to be
underrepresented, and the socio-economic perspective is viewed as too narrow. Future monitoring
efforts should be oriented more on international agreed frameworks like the SDGs and be comparable
to other monitoring systems and levels. Regarding general perceptions of the bioeconomy, a majority
of stakeholders have a vision of a socio-ecological transformation, in contrast to German and
European strategies which are seen as business-as-usual capitalism using additional renewable
resources. Even though most stakeholders see the current development of bioeconomy critically, they
consider the future development as open and encourage a sustainable bioeconomy that creates
sustainable consumption and production patterns, global responsibility and compliance with planetary
boundaries, as well as economic and ecological justice and participation shaping the overall economy.
Our analysis underpins previous perspectives from stakeholder workshops and is embedded in
increasingly polarizing societal mentalities of transformations.
Persistent UFZ Identifier
Zeug, W., Kluson, F.R., Mittelstädt, N., Bezama, A., Thrän, D. (2021):
Results from a stakeholder survey on bioeconomy monitoring and perceptions on bioeconomy in Germany
UFZ Discussion Papers 8/2021
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, 29 pp. 10.13140/RG.2.2.35521.28000