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Reference Category Journals
DOI 10.3390/su132313393
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Global climate change – who ought to pay the bill?
Author Massenberg, J.R.
Source Titel Sustainability
Year 2021
Department OEKON
Volume 13
Issue 23
Page From art. 13393
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords climate change; theory of justice; responsibility; normative principles; theory of goodness
Abstract Global climate change is a significant challenge for current and, particularly, future generations. In the public debate about the fair allocation of associated costs commonly the moral claim that the developed countries should burden the costs is expressed. To support this claim, often four moral arguments, based on the theory of justice, are raised: (i) the polluter pays, (ii) the historical responsibility, (iii) the beneficiary pays, and (iv) the ability to pay. The aim of the paper is to assess whether these principles impose a duty on the developed countries and whether a fair allocation of costs would be achieved.
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Massenberg, J.R. (2021):
Global climate change – who ought to pay the bill?
Sustainability 13 (23), art. 13393 10.3390/su132313393