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DOI 10.3390/ijms222212269
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Mold, mycotoxins and a dysregulated immune system: A combination of concern?
Author Kraft, S.; Buchenauer, L.; Polte, T.
Source Titel International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Year 2021
Department IMMU
Volume 22
Issue 22
Page From art. 12269
Language englisch
Topic T9 Healthy Planet
Keywords molds; mycotoxins; dysfunctional immune system; immune system disorders; immune response
Abstract Fungi represent one of the most diverse and abundant eukaryotes on earth. The interplay between mold exposure and the host immune system is still not fully elucidated. Literature research focusing on up-to-date publications is providing a heterogenous picture of evidence and opinions regarding the role of mold and mycotoxins in the development of immune diseases. While the induction of allergic immune responses by molds is generally acknowledged, other direct health effects like the toxic mold syndrome are controversially discussed. However, recent observations indicate a particular importance of mold/mycotoxin exposure in individuals with pre-existing dysregulation of the immune system, due to exacerbation of underlying pathophysiology including allergic and non-allergic chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune disorders, and even human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease progression. In this review, we focus on the impact of mycotoxins regarding their impact on disease progression in pre-existing immune dysregulation. This is complemented by experimental in vivo and in vitro findings to present cellular and molecular modes of action. Furthermore, we discuss hypothetical mechanisms of action, where evidence is missing since much remains to be discovered.
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Kraft, S., Buchenauer, L., Polte, T. (2021):
Mold, mycotoxins and a dysregulated immune system: A combination of concern?
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 22 (22), art. 12269 10.3390/ijms222212269