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DOI 10.12688/f1000research.74502.1
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Title (Primary) ELIXIR and Toxicology: a community in development [version 1; peer review: 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations], Last updated: 27 APR 2022
Author Martens, M.; Stierum, R.; Schymanski, E.L.; Evelo, C.T.; Aalizadeh, R.; Aladjov, H.; Arturi, K.; Audouze, K.; Babica, P.; Berka, K.; Bessems, J.; Blaha, L.; Bolton, E.E.; Cases, M.; Damalas, D.E.; Dave, K.; Dilger, M.; Exner, T.; Geerke, D.P.; Grafström, R.; Gray, A.; Hancock, J.M.; Hollert, H.; Jeliazkova, N.; Jennen, D.; Jourdan, F.; Kahlem, P.; Klanova, J.; Kleinjans, J.; Kondic, T.; Kone, B.; Lynch, I.; Maran, U.; Martinez Cuesta, S.; Ménager, H.; Neumann, S.; Nymark, P.; Oberacher, H.; Ramirez, N.; Remy, S.; Rocca-Serra, P.; Salek, R.M.; Sallach, B.; Sansone, S.-A.; Sanz, F.; Sarimveis, H.; Sarntivijai, S.; Schulze, T. ORCID logo ; Slobodnik, J.; Spjuth, O.; Tedds, J.; Thomaidis, N.; Weber, R.J.M.; van Westen, G.J.P.; Wheelock, C.E.; Williams, A.J.; Witters, H.; Zdrazil, B.; Županič, A.; Willighagen, E.L.
Source Titel F1000Research
Year 2021
Department WANA
Volume 10
Page From art. 1129
Language englisch
Topic T9 Healthy Planet
Keywords Toxicology; ELIXIR; interoperability; FAIR
Abstract Toxicology has been an active research field for many decades, with academic, industrial and government involvement. Modern omics and computational approaches are changing the field, from merely disease-specific observational models into target-specific predictive models. Traditionally, toxicology has strong links with other fields such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology and medicine. With the rise of synthetic and new engineered materials, alongside ongoing prioritisation needs in chemical risk assessment for existing chemicals, early predictive evaluations are becoming of utmost importance to both scientific and regulatory purposes. ELIXIR is an intergovernmental organisation that brings together life science resources from across Europe. To coordinate the linkage of various life science efforts around modern predictive toxicology, the establishment of a new ELIXIR Community is seen as instrumental. In the past few years, joint efforts, building on incidental overlap, have been piloted in the context of ELIXIR. For example, the EU-ToxRisk, diXa, HeCaToS, transQST, and the nanotoxicology community have worked with the ELIXIR TeSS, Bioschemas, and Compute Platforms and activities. In 2018, a core group of interested parties wrote a proposal, outlining a sketch of what this new ELIXIR Toxicology Community would look like. A recent workshop (held September 30th to October 1st, 2020) extended this into an ELIXIR Toxicology roadmap and a shortlist of limited investment-high gain collaborations to give body to this new community. This Whitepaper outlines the results of these efforts and defines our vision of the ELIXIR Toxicology Community and how it complements other ELIXIR activities.
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Martens, M., Stierum, R., Schymanski, E.L., Evelo, C.T., Aalizadeh, R., Aladjov, H., Arturi, K., Audouze, K., Babica, P., Berka, K., Bessems, J., Blaha, L., Bolton, E.E., Cases, M., Damalas, D.E., Dave, K., Dilger, M., Exner, T., Geerke, D.P., Grafström, R., Gray, A., Hancock, J.M., Hollert, H., Jeliazkova, N., Jennen, D., Jourdan, F., Kahlem, P., Klanova, J., Kleinjans, J., Kondic, T., Kone, B., Lynch, I., Maran, U., Martinez Cuesta, S., Ménager, H., Neumann, S., Nymark, P., Oberacher, H., Ramirez, N., Remy, S., Rocca-Serra, P., Salek, R.M., Sallach, B., Sansone, S.-A., Sanz, F., Sarimveis, H., Sarntivijai, S., Schulze, T., Slobodnik, J., Spjuth, O., Tedds, J., Thomaidis, N., Weber, R.J.M., van Westen, G.J.P., Wheelock, C.E., Williams, A.J., Witters, H., Zdrazil, B., Županič, A., Willighagen, E.L. (2021):
ELIXIR and Toxicology: a community in development [version 1; peer review: 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations], Last updated: 27 APR 2022
F1000Research 10 (ELIXIR), art. 1129 10.12688/f1000research.74502.1