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Title (Primary) Ion mobility spectrometry: principles and applications
Author Borsdorf, H.; Eiceman, G.A.
Journal Applied Spectroscopy Reviews
Year 2006
Department ANA; MET
Volume 41
Issue 4
Page From 323
Page To 375
Language englisch
Keywords ion mobility spectrometry; differential mobility spectrometry; high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry
Abstract General principles are reviewed for ion mobility spectrometry including new methods for ion separation through field dependent mobilities in strong electric fields with high frequency asymmetric waveform. Additionally, recent advances in the instrumentation for the characterization of ion mobilities in air at ambient pressure are described and critically reviewed. Advances in instrumentation, understanding of principles of measurements by IMS, and the development of hyphenated technologies have resulted in an increase in the number of applications in recent years.
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Borsdorf, H., Eiceman, G.A. (2006):
Ion mobility spectrometry: principles and applications
Appl. Spectrosc. Rev. 41 (4), 323 - 375