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DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-58278-4_3
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Title (Primary) Citizen science in Europe
Title (Secondary) The science of citizen science
Author Vohland, K.; Göbel, C.; Balázs, B.; Butkevičienė, E.; Daskolia, M.; Duží, B.; Hecker, S.; Manzoni, M.; Schade, S.
Publisher Vohland, K.; Land-Zandstra, A.; Ceccaroni, L.; Lemmens, R.; Perelló, J.; Ponti, M.; Samson, R.; Wagenknecht, K.
Year 2021
Department iDiv; ESS
Page From 35
Page To 53
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords European regions; Policy support; Institutionalisation; Research funding; ECSA; Community of practice (CoP); Responsible research and innovation (RRI)
Abstract In this chapter, we explore the landscape of citizen science across Europe, how networks have developed, and how the science of citizen science has evolved. In addition to carrying out a literature review, we analysed publicly available data from the European Commission’s Community Research and Development Information Service (Cordis). We also extracted information from a pilot survey on citizen science strategies throughout Europe, carried out within the framework of the COST Action CA15212. Our findings are complemented by case studies from COST member countries. Finally, we offer some insights, considerations, and recommendations on developing networks, utilising the COST Action and EU-Citizen.Science as capacity building platforms.
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Vohland, K., Göbel, C., Balázs, B., Butkevičienė, E., Daskolia, M., Duží, B., Hecker, S., Manzoni, M., Schade, S. (2021):
Citizen science in Europe
In: Vohland, K., Land-Zandstra, A., Ceccaroni, L., Lemmens, R., Perelló, J., Ponti, M., Samson, R., Wagenknecht, K. (eds.)
The science of citizen science
Springer, Cham, p. 35 - 53 10.1007/978-3-030-58278-4_3