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DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-58278-4_2
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Title (Primary) What is citizen science? The challenges of definition
Title (Secondary) The science of citizen science
Author Haklay, M.; Dörler, D.; Heigl, F.; Manzoni, M.; Hecker, S.; Vohland, K.
Publisher Vohland, K.; Land-Zandstra, A.; Ceccaroni, L.; Lemmens, R.; Perelló, J.; Ponti, M.; Samson, R.; Wagenknecht, K.
Year 2021
Department iDiv; ESS
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Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords Citizen science terminology; Quality criteria; Cultural differences; Policy applications
Abstract In this chapter, we address the perennial question of what is citizen science? by asking the related question, why is it challenging to define citizen science? Over the past decade and a half, we have seen the emergence of typologies, definitions, and criteria for qualifying citizen science. Yet, citizen science as a field seems somewhat resistant to obeying a limited set of definitions and instead attracts discussions about what type of activities and practices should be included in it. We explore how citizen science has been defined differently, depending on the context. We do that from a particularly European perspective, where the variety of national and subnational structures has also led to a diversity of practices. Based on this background, we track trade-offs linked to the prioritisation of these different objectives and aims of citizen science. Understanding these differences and their origin is important for practitioners and policymakers. We pay attention to the need for definitions and criteria for specific contexts and how people in different roles can approach the issue of what is included in a specific interpretation of citizen science.
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Haklay, M., Dörler, D., Heigl, F., Manzoni, M., Hecker, S., Vohland, K. (2021):
What is citizen science? The challenges of definition
In: Vohland, K., Land-Zandstra, A., Ceccaroni, L., Lemmens, R., Perelló, J., Ponti, M., Samson, R., Wagenknecht, K. (eds.)
The science of citizen science
Springer, Cham, p. 13 - 33