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DOI 10.1002/9783527824908.ch15
Title (Primary) Cyanobacterial biofilms in natural and synthetic environments
Title (Secondary) Cyanobacteria biotechnology
Author David, C.; Karande, R.; Bühler, K.
Publisher Nielsen, J.; Lee, S.; Stephanopoulos, G.; Hudson, P.
Year 2021
Department SOMA
Page From 477
Page To 503
Language englisch
Topic T7 Bioeconomy
Keywords mixed trophies; capillary biofilm reactors; photobiotechnology; solar cell factories
Abstract Photosynthetic microorganisms hold an enormous potential for the production of value-added compounds and fuels either directly from CO2 or via fermentative pathways. A major bottleneck to lift this technology off the ground is the lack of suitable cultivation systems, as the established technologies do not allow cell densities above 3 gCDW / L on an industrial scale. In this chapter, we will introduce cyanobacterial biofilms as an alternative growth format to suspended cell cultures grown in capillary microreactors. Furthermore, biofilms are living systems attached to a surface and thereby exhibit a naturally immobilized microbial community within principle infinite turnover numbers, as the individual cells are constantly regenerating themselves. Therefore, cell densities of up to 50 gCDW/L and long-term stabilities can be achieved.
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David, C., Karande, R., Bühler, K. (2021):
Cyanobacterial biofilms in natural and synthetic environments
In: Nielsen, J., Lee, S., Stephanopoulos, G., Hudson, P. (eds.)
Cyanobacteria biotechnology
Wiley, Weinheim, p. 477 - 503