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DOI 10.3197/096327123X16702350862728
Title (Primary) Social values in economic environmental valuation: A conceptual framework
Author Massenberg, J.R.; Hansjürgens, B.; Lienhoop, N.
Source Titel Environmental Values
Year 2023
Department OEKON
Volume 32
Issue 5
Page From 611
Page To 643
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords deliberative monetary valuation; environmental economic valuation; human–nature relationships; shared values; social values; value pluralism
Abstract Economic environmental valuation remains a much debated and contested issue. Concerns have been voiced that it is unable to capture the manifold immaterial values of ecosystems due to conceptual and methodological issues. Thus, additional value categories (social values) as well as novel valuation approaches like deliberative (monetary) valuation are areas of growing interest, yet the theoretical foundations are rather weak. Against this background, this article aims to develop a consistent conceptual framework for making sense of social values in economic environmental valuation. Based on a holistic view of society and individuals, the role of institutions, the social environment, culture and transcendental values is emphasised. To synthesise diverging concepts of value into an economic concept and to account for the multidimensionality of social values, the framework consists of three spheres: social, natural and contextual. The novel framework demonstrates that social values may be integrated into a preference-based utility framework when denoting a holistic understanding of social preferences and human embeddedness in nature and society.
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Massenberg, J.R., Hansjürgens, B., Lienhoop, N. (2023):
Social values in economic environmental valuation: A conceptual framework
Environ. Values 32 (5), 611 - 643 10.3197/096327123X16702350862728