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DOI 10.1002/clen.202000364
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Factors affecting spatial and temporal variability of metals in drainage water from arable fields
Author Baborowski, M.; Rupp, H.; Wendt-Potthoff, K. ORCID logo ; Tauchnitz, N.; Meissner, R.
Source Titel CLEAN-Soil Air Water
Year 2021
Volume 49
Issue 6
Page From art. 2000364
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords drainage water; fertilizer; metal concentrations; north german plain; pedo‐hydrological conditions
Abstract Respecting fertilizer application, the metal content in drainage water was studied under conventional agricultural management from 2013 to 2014 in two adjacent fields located in the North German Plain. Findings were compared with data of nutrients, main ions, and dissolved organic carbon as well as element contents in fertilizers and geogenic background values of soils. Comparatively low metal concentrations were found in drainage water. These results are in line with metal contents of applied mineral fertilizers, of cattle slurry, and random analysis of the two soils considered. Relating to effective ordinances, the applied fertilizers occasionally posed a risk for the groundwater or downstream water bodies. Concentrations of some metals (Al, Co, Cr, Pb, and V) were rather affected by soil erosion than by fertilizers. Besides fertilizers and soil erosion, mainly pedo‐hydrological conditions, which differed between the two fields, influenced element profiles in tile drainage by the extent of anoxia and subsequent denitrification and sulfate reduction. Against the background of climate change, further investigations with respect to possible changes in soil water budget are necessary.
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Baborowski, M., Rupp, H., Wendt-Potthoff, K., Tauchnitz, N., Meissner, R. (2021):
Factors affecting spatial and temporal variability of metals in drainage water from arable fields
CLEAN-Soil Air Water 49 (6), art. 2000364 10.1002/clen.202000364