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Title (Primary) To B (e) born: New concepts concerning B cells throughout pregnancy
Title (Secondary) Reproductive immunology: Basic concepts
Author Busse, M.; Schumacher, A.; Zenclussen, A.C.;
Publisher Mor, G.;
Year 2021
Department IMMU;
Keywords B cells; Fetal tolerance; Pregnancy; Preterm birth; Uterus
Abstract A complex interplay between immune cells, the molecules they secrete, the cells they interact with, and hormones is crucial for pregnancy establishment and maintenance. Small perturbances of this finely modulated and timely defined balance can have serious consequences for both mother and fetus. In this chapter, we revise data regarding B cells and their importance for gestation. The study of this particular cell type during pregnancy has long been neglected. B cells represent an extremely complex cell population as they can present antigen, interact with other immune cells, secrete cytokines, and antibodies. Most recent data show their plasticity and the pivotal role they play in sustaining pregnancy and as regulators of the balance between tolerance and immunity.
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Busse, M., Schumacher, A., Zenclussen, A.C. (2021):
To B (e) born: New concepts concerning B cells throughout pregnancy
In: Mor, G. (ed.)
Reproductive immunology: Basic concepts
Academic Press / Elsevier, London, p. 73 - 90