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DOI 10.2800/431107
Title (Primary) Floodplains: a natural system to preserve and restore
Author Christiansen, T.; Azlak, M.; Ivits-Wasser, E.; Globevnik, L.; Snoj, L.; Scholz, M. ORCID logo ; Schulz-Zunkel, C.; Henle, K.; Schmedtje, U.; Kampa, E.; Birk, S.; Kail, J.; Januschke, K.; Völker, J.; Lyche‑Solheim, A.
Journal EEA Report
Year 2020
Department NSF
Volume 24/2019
Page To 54
Language englisch
Abstract Floodplains are part of Europe’s natural capital, covering 7 % of the continent's area and up to 30 % of its terrestrial Natura 2000 site area. Studies have shown that 70-90 % of floodplains have been environmentally degraded. The objective of this work is to showcase that natural floodplains support achieving multiple EU policy objectives. More specifically to show that natural and restored floodplains provide an alternative to structural measures for providing flood protection, and at the same time support achieving higher quality ecosystem service like improved water quality, improved conditions for biodiversity conservation and improved recreational value.
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Christiansen, T., Azlak, M., Ivits-Wasser, E., Globevnik, L., Snoj, L., Scholz, M., Schulz-Zunkel, C., Henle, K., Schmedtje, U., Kampa, E., Birk, S., Kail, J., Januschke, K., Völker, J., Lyche‑Solheim, A. (2020):
Floodplains: a natural system to preserve and restore
EEA Report 24/2019
Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 54 pp.