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Title (Primary) Proposal for an EU pollinator monitoring scheme
Author Potts, S.G.; Dauber, J.; Hochkirch, A.; Oteman, B.; Roy, D.B.; Ahrné, K.; Biesmeijer, K.; Breeze, T.D.; Carvell, C.; Ferreira, C.; FitzPatrick, Ú.; Isaac, N.J.B.; Kuussaari, M.; Ljubomirov, T.; Maes, J.; Ngo, H.; Pardo, A.; Polce, C.; Quaranta, M.; Settele, J.; Sorg, M.; Stefanescu, C.; Vujić, A.;
Journal JRC Technical Report
Year 2021
Department NSF;
Volume 122225
Language englisch;
Keywords biodiversity; common agricultural policy; DNA; economic consequence; environmental impact; environmental monitoring; EU policy - national policy; floriculture; honey; insect; proposal (EU); research method; research report
Abstract This report presents the proposal for an EU Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (EU-PoMS), based on the findings of an expert group of 21 people from 12 European countries. The objectives are to: (i) develop a cost-effective Core Scheme which includes the most relevant taxa, is able to detect changes in the status of pollinators, has EU-wide coverage, and uses standardised sampling methods; (ii) provide a set of additional modules for other taxa and measures beyond the Core Scheme; (iii) propose a general EU indicator to assess status and trends of pollinators, and a Common Agricultural Policy specific indicator to evaluate the impacts of the CAP, and the measures implemented within, on both pollinators and pollination; and, (iv) provide estimated costs for establishing and implementing the Core Scheme, considering: staff, equipment, travel, taxonomic, training, data management and coordination costs.
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Potts, S.G., Dauber, J., Hochkirch, A., Oteman, B., Roy, D.B., Ahrné, K., Biesmeijer, K., Breeze, T.D., Carvell, C., Ferreira, C., FitzPatrick, Ú., Isaac, N.J.B., Kuussaari, M., Ljubomirov, T., Maes, J., Ngo, H., Pardo, A., Polce, C., Quaranta, M., Settele, J., Sorg, M., Stefanescu, C., Vujić, A. (2021):
Proposal for an EU pollinator monitoring scheme
JRC Technical Report 122225
Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 312 pp.