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Title (Primary) Trends in biodiversity in Europe and the impact of land-use change
Title (Secondary) Biodiversity under threat
Author Watt, A.D.; Bradshaw, R.H.W.; Young, J.; Alard, D.; Bolger, T.; Chamberlain, D.; Fernández-González, F.; Fuller, R.; Gurrea, P.; Henle, K.; Johnson, R.; Korsos, Z.; Lavelle, P.; Niemelä, J.; Nowicki, P.; Rebane, M.; Scheidegger, C.; Sousa, J.P.; van Swaay, C.; Vanbergen, A.;
Publisher Hester, R.E.; Harrison, R.M.;
Journal Issues in Environmental Science and Technology
Year 2007
Department NSF;
Volume 25
Language englisch;
Abstract There is much public concern about threats to global biodiversity. Industrial pollution, changes in agricultural practices and climate change, are all having a direct impact on biodiversity. In this book the Editors provide a broad view of the many threats to global biodiversity imposed by human-induced changes and an overview of the policy responses required to combat them. This excellent text includes the work of some 44 authors and offers a solid description of the current understanding of threats to biodiversity with a range of illustrative examples - a valuable point of reference for ecologists, environmental scientists, and students as well as, policymakers and all other environmental professionals.
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Watt, A.D., Bradshaw, R.H.W., Young, J., Alard, D., Bolger, T., Chamberlain, D., Fernández-González, F., Fuller, R., Gurrea, P., Henle, K., Johnson, R., Korsos, Z., Lavelle, P., Niemelä, J., Nowicki, P., Rebane, M., Scheidegger, C., Sousa, J.P., van Swaay, C., Vanbergen, A. (2007):
Trends in biodiversity in Europe and the impact of land-use change
In: Hester, R.E., Harrison, R.M. (eds.)
Biodiversity under threat
Issues in Environmental Science and Technology 25
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Cambridge, p. 135 - 160