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DOI 10.1016/j.oneear.2020.09.010
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Title (Primary) Effective biodiversity monitoring needs a culture of integration
Author Kühl, H.S.; Bowler, D.E.; Bösch, L.; Bruelheide, H.; Dauber, J.; Eichenberg, D.; Eisenhauer, N.; Fernández, N.; Guerra, C.A.; Henle, K.; Herbinger, I.; Isaac, N.J.B.; Jansen, F.; König-Ries, B.; Kühn, I. ORCID logo ; Nilsen, E.B.; Pe'er, G.; Richter, A.; Schulte, R.; Settele, J.; van Dam, N.M.; Voigt, M.; Wägele, W.J.; Wirth, C.; Bonn, A. ORCID logo
Journal One Earth
Year 2020
Department BZF; NSF; iDiv; ESS
Volume 3
Issue 4
Page From 462
Page To 474
Language englisch
Keywords biodiversity monitoring; distributed expertise; integration; policy; stakeholder network; society; citizen science; stakeholder engagement
Abstract Despite conservation commitments, most countries still lack large-scale biodiversity monitoring programs to track progress toward agreed targets. Monitoring program design is frequently approached from a top-down, data-centric perspective that ignores the socio-cultural context of data collection. A rich landscape of people and organizations, with a diversity of motivations and expertise, independently engages in biodiversity monitoring. This diversity often leads to complementarity in activities across places, time periods, and taxa. In this Perspective, we propose a framework for aligning different efforts to realize large-scale biodiversity monitoring through a networked design of stakeholders, data, and biodiversity schemes. We emphasize the value of integrating independent biodiversity observations in conjunction with a backbone of structured core monitoring, thereby fostering broad ownership and resilience due to a strong partnership of science, society, policy, and individuals. Furthermore, we identify stakeholder-specific barriers and incentives to foster joint collaboration toward effective large-scale biodiversity monitoring.
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Kühl, H.S., Bowler, D.E., Bösch, L., Bruelheide, H., Dauber, J., Eichenberg, D., Eisenhauer, N., Fernández, N., Guerra, C.A., Henle, K., Herbinger, I., Isaac, N.J.B., Jansen, F., König-Ries, B., Kühn, I., Nilsen, E.B., Pe'er, G., Richter, A., Schulte, R., Settele, J., van Dam, N.M., Voigt, M., Wägele, W.J., Wirth, C., Bonn, A. (2020):
Effective biodiversity monitoring needs a culture of integration
One Earth 3 (4), 462 - 474