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DOI 10.3390/cells9091942
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Title (Primary) Y-box binding protein 1 expression in trophoblast cells promotes fetal and placental development
Author Meyer, N.; Schumacher, A.; Coenen, U.; Woidacki, K.; Schmidt, H.; Lindquist, J.A.; Mertens, P.R.; Zenclussen, A.C.
Source Titel Cells
Year 2020
Department IMMU
Volume 9
Issue 9
Page From art. 1942
Language englisch
Keywords Y-box binding protein 1; trophoblast; fetal and placental development; pregnancy; serial high-frequency ultrasonography
Abstract Y-box binding protein 1 (YB-1) is pivotal for the regulation of cancerogenesis and inflammation. However, its involvement in pregnancy processes such as fetal and placental development remains to be elucidated. We studied Ybx1 (YB-1)+/− heterozygous intercrossings and compared them to YB-1+/+ wild-type (WT) combinations. Additionally, we generated trophoblast-specific YB-1-deficient mice by pairing FVB Cyp19-Cre females to YB-1fl/fl males. YB-1fl/fl-paired FVB WT females served as controls. Serial in vivo ultrasound measurements were performed to assess fetal and placental parameters. After sacrificing the females, implantation and abortion rates were recorded, spiral artery (SA) remodeling was analyzed and fetal and placental weights were determined. Compared to YB-1+/+ counterparts, YB-1+/− females showed reduced implantation areas at gestation day (GD)10, insufficiently remodeled SAs at GD12, increased placental diameter/thickness ratios at GD14 and reduced placental and fetal weights at GD14. Compared to WT, Cyp19-Cre females with YB-1-deficient placentas showed reduced implantation areas at GD8, 10 and 12; decreased placental areas and diameters at GD10 and 12; diminished placental thicknesses at GD12; as well as reduced placental weights at GD12 and 14. In conclusion, our data suggest haploinsufficiency of YB-1 resulting in disturbed fetal and placental development. Moreover, we provide the first evidence for the relevance of trophoblast-specific YB-1 for placentation.
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Meyer, N., Schumacher, A., Coenen, U., Woidacki, K., Schmidt, H., Lindquist, J.A., Mertens, P.R., Zenclussen, A.C. (2020):
Y-box binding protein 1 expression in trophoblast cells promotes fetal and placental development
Cells 9 (9), art. 1942 10.3390/cells9091942