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DOI 10.1201/9780429487118
Title (Primary) Steering redox metabolism in Pseudomonas putida with microbial electrochemical technologies
Title (Secondary) Microbial Electrochemical Technologies
Author Lai, B. ORCID logo ; Krömer, J.O.
Publisher Tiquia-Arashiro, S.M.; Pant, D.
Year 2020
Department SOMA
Page From 59
Page To 75
Language englisch
Abstract Pseudomonas putida is a promising host for synthetic biology to produce chemicals as feedstock for the chemical industry. However, it solely relies on oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor, and this obligate aerobic character significantly limits its industrial applications. While applying metabolic engineering strategies to engineer an anaerobic mutant have reached very limited success to date, the bioelectrochemical technique has provided a new approach to enable its anoxic metabolism for biochemical production as well as it has given a new platform to gain fundamental understandings of the physiology and metabolic constraints of P. putida under anaerobic condition. In this chapter, the recent process of applying anode as an electron sink for P. putida to balance electrons will be summarized. The potential extracellular electron transfer route from the cells to the anode and the effects of the anode on cellular metabolism (i.e., glucose metabolism for biochemical production) will be discussed in detail. In addition, metabolic engineering approach to improve the cell performance (e.g., electron transfer rate, glucose consumption rate, etc.) and the metabolic constraints restricting the anoxic metabolism of P. putida will also be addressed. Furthermore, the process limiting factor will be determined based on a theoretical examination of the mass transfer flux toward P. putida cells and anode surface. At last, the necessity and approaches for strain engineering and the benefits of scaling-up the nonbiofilm-based P. putida process will be presented. This chapter is aiming to give an overview of the anode-driven process with P. putida and its benefits and bottlenecks.
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Lai, B., Krömer, J.O. (2020):
Steering redox metabolism in Pseudomonas putida with microbial electrochemical technologies
In: Tiquia-Arashiro, S.M., Pant, D. (eds.)
Microbial Electrochemical Technologies
CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, p. 59 - 75 10.1201/9780429487118