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DOI 10.1002/ird.2495
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Title (Primary) Non‐conventional sources of agricultural water management: Insights from young professionals in the irrigation and drainage sector
Author Amali, A.A.; Mersha, A.N.; Nofal, E.R.; Murray, K.; Norouzi, S.; Saboory, S.; Salo, H.; Chevuru, S.R.; Tabrizi, M.S.; Reddy, P.K.; Abdullahi, A.O.; Farahani, H.; Kolhe, P.; Fard, R.D.; Salik, A.W.; Hussein, A.H.; Najafi, H.; Poormoghadam, M.; Adiaha, M.
Source Titel Irrigation and Drainage
Year 2020
Department CHS
Volume 70
Issue 3
Page From 524
Page To 540
Language englisch
Keywords drainage; food security; irrigation; non‐conventional; water security; Young Professionals; Jeunes professionnels; non‐conventionnel; irrigation; drainage; sécurité de l'eau; sécurité alimentaire
Abstract Distribution and availability of global resources is highly variable over time and heterogeneous in space. With the natural or conventional supply of these resources no longer meeting a growing demand, the need to promote resource efficiency is now being paralleled with innovative approaches to conserve resources within their use cycle. These ‘innovative approaches’ herewith referred to as non‐conventional was the subject of a 10‐weeks extensive discussion among Young Professionals (YPs) in the field of irrigation and drainage. The discussion aligns to a higher objective of breeding a generation of YPs with an open mindset and multi‐disciplinary approach to the challenges in irrigation and drainage. Cutting across development corridors in the water sector, this review paper presents insights on non‐conventional sources of agricultural water management (AWM) as viewed from the lenses of YPs. The discussions underscore the need for broad‐based approaches to resource management, building on the premise that all forms of resources are linked to form a system that provides the most effective service when managed in an integrated fashion. Non‐conventional requires divergent approaches and flexibility; underlining the invaluable capabilities YPs present in AWM. Besides highlighting these roles, insights provided by YPs suggests that feeding a growing population necessitates looking beyond system efficiency to multivariate approaches of resource optimisation and utilisation in the field of irrigation and drainage.
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Amali, A.A., Mersha, A.N., Nofal, E.R., Murray, K., Norouzi, S., Saboory, S., Salo, H., Chevuru, S.R., Tabrizi, M.S., Reddy, P.K., Abdullahi, A.O., Farahani, H., Kolhe, P., Fard, R.D., Salik, A.W., Hussein, A.H., Najafi, H., Poormoghadam, M., Adiaha, M. (2020):
Non‐conventional sources of agricultural water management: Insights from young professionals in the irrigation and drainage sector
Irrig. Drain. 70 (3), 524 - 540 10.1002/ird.2495