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DOI 10.1093/bioadv/vbac030
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Expanding the Galaxy’s reference data
Author VijayKrishna, N.; Joshi, J.; Coraor, N.; Hillman-Jackson, J.; Bouvier, D.; van den Beek, M.; Eguinoa, I.; Coppens, F.; Davis, J.; Stolarczyk, M.; Sheffield, N.C.; Gladman, S.; Cuccuru, G.; Grüning, B.; Soranzo, N.; Rasche, H.; Langhorst, B.W.; Bernt, M. ORCID logo ; Fornika, D.; de Lima Morais, D.A.; Barrette, M.; van Heusden, P.; Petrillo, M.; Puertas-Gallardo, A.; Patak, A.; Hotz, H.-R.; Blankenberg, D.
Journal Bioinformatics Advances
Year 2022
Department BIOINF
Volume 2
Issue 1
Page From vbac030
Language englisch
Topic T9 Healthy Planet
Abstract Properly and effectively managing reference datasets is an important task for many bioinformatics analyses. Refgenie is a reference asset management system that allows users to easily organize, retrieve and share such datasets. Here, we describe the integration of refgenie into the Galaxy platform. Server administrators are able to configure Galaxy to make use of reference datasets made available on a refgenie instance. In addition, a Galaxy Data Manager tool has been developed to provide a graphical interface to refgenie’s remote reference retrieval functionality. A large collection of reference datasets has also been made available using the CVMFS (CernVM File System) repository from, with mirrors across the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, enabling easy use outside of Galaxy.
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VijayKrishna, N., Joshi, J., Coraor, N., Hillman-Jackson, J., Bouvier, D., van den Beek, M., Eguinoa, I., Coppens, F., Davis, J., Stolarczyk, M., Sheffield, N.C., Gladman, S., Cuccuru, G., Grüning, B., Soranzo, N., Rasche, H., Langhorst, B.W., Bernt, M., Fornika, D., de Lima Morais, D.A., Barrette, M., van Heusden, P., Petrillo, M., Puertas-Gallardo, A., Patak, A., Hotz, H.-R., Blankenberg, D. (2022):
Expanding the Galaxy’s reference data
Bioinform. Adv. 2 (1), vbac030