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Title (Primary) First 12 years of tardigrade succession in the young soils of a quickly evolving ecosystem
Author Bingemer, J.; Pfeiffer, M.; Hohberg, K.;
Journal Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society
Year 2020
Department ASAM;
Volume 188
Issue 3
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T32;
Keywords Apodibius confusus, community assembly, ecological niche, ecosystem development, morphometry, post-mining area, primary succession, redundancy analysis, species turnover, succession, Tardigrada
Abstract Open-cast coal-mining creates a severe disturbance of ecological systems, resulting in post-mining areas that have lost their soils entirely and are exposed to extreme conditions. Nonetheless, these areas allow us to investigate the process of primary succession. We studied the first 12 years of soil tardigrade succession at ‘Chicken Creek’, an experimental site within the open-cast coal-mining area in Welzow Süd, Germany. A total of ten tardigrade genera and 13 species or species groups were identified at the site. Over time, the organic carbon content, proportion of silt and nutrient availability in the soil increased, and the soil particle size distribution and pH value changed significantly. The vegetation cover and nematode abundance increased, whereas tardigrade densities peaked in 2008 and decreased thereafter, as did their mean body size. Species replacement was obvious within this 12 year study period, and tardigrade species diversity increased, indicating that ecological niche diversity also increased throughout this time. Vegetation cover, soil particle size distribution and time were the most important factors influencing the tardigrade community. We also discuss further potential factors and the ability of terrestrial tardigrades to persist despite many environmental constraints, such as fluctuations in pH and moisture, and to colonize new habitats faster than most other animal groups.
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Bingemer, J., Pfeiffer, M., Hohberg, K. (2020):
First 12 years of tardigrade succession in the young soils of a quickly evolving ecosystem
Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 188 (3), 887 - 899