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DOI 10.3390/w12041021
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Influence of farming intensity and climate on lowland stream nitrogen
Author Goyenola, G.; Graeber, D.; Meerhoff, M.; Jeppesen, E.; Teixeira-de Mello, F.; Vidal, N.; Fosalba, C.; Ovesen, N.B.; Gelbrecht, J.; Mazzeo, N.; Kronvang, B.
Source Titel Water
Year 2020
Department ASAM
Volume 12
Page From art. 1021
Language englisch
Keywords agricultural impact; stream; nitrogen concentration; nitrogen losses; eutrophication
Abstract Nitrogen lost from agriculture has altered the geochemistry of the biosphere, with pronounced impacts on aquatic ecosystems. We aim to elucidate the patterns and driving factors behind the N fluxes in lowland stream ecosystems differing about land-use and climatic-hydrological conditions. The climate-hydrology areas represented humid cold temperate/stable discharge conditions, and humid subtropical climate/flashy conditions. Three complementary monitoring sampling characteristics were selected, including a total of 43 streams under contrasting farming intensities. Farming intensity determined total dissolved N (TDN), nitrate concentrations, and total N concentration and loss to streams, despite differences in soil and climatic-hydrological conditions between and within regions. However, ammonium (NH4+) and dissolved organic N concentrations did not show significant responses to the farming intensity or climatic/hydrological conditions. A high dissolved inorganic N to TDN ratio was associated with the temperate climate and high base flow conditions, but not with farming intensity. In the absence of a significant increase in farming N use efficiency (or the introduction of other palliative measures), the expected farming intensification would result in a stronger increase in NO3, TDN, and TN concentrations as well as in rising flow-weighted concentrations and loss in temperate and subtropical streams, which will further exacerbate eutrophication.
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Goyenola, G., Graeber, D., Meerhoff, M., Jeppesen, E., Teixeira-de Mello, F., Vidal, N., Fosalba, C., Ovesen, N.B., Gelbrecht, J., Mazzeo, N., Kronvang, B. (2020):
Influence of farming intensity and climate on lowland stream nitrogen
Water 12 , art. 1021 10.3390/w12041021