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DOI 10.1016/j.dib.2020.105285
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Microbial metaproteome data from decayed beech dead wood
Author Kipping, L.; Holzscheck, N.; Maurer, F.; Muszynski, S.; Noll, M.; Jehmlich, N. ORCID logo
Source Titel Data in Brief
Year 2020
Department MOLSYB
Volume 29
Page From art. 105285
Language englisch
Keywords Dead wood decay; Metaproteomics; Protein extraction; Fungal-bacterial community
Abstract Wood-decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems is a very important process with huge ecologic consequences. This decomposition process is a combination of biological respiration, leaching and fragmentation, mainly triggered by organismic activities. In order to gain a deeper insight into these microbial communities and their role in deadwood decay, we used metaproteomics. Metaproteomics is an important tool and offers the ability to characterize the protein complement of environmental microbiota at a given point in time. In this dataset, we provide data of an exemplary beech wood log and applied different extraction methods to provide the proteome profile of beech dead wood and their corresponding fungal-bacterial community.
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Kipping, L., Holzscheck, N., Maurer, F., Muszynski, S., Noll, M., Jehmlich, N. (2020):
Microbial metaproteome data from decayed beech dead wood
Data Brief 29 , art. 105285 10.1016/j.dib.2020.105285