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DOI 10.1016/j.tcb.2019.12.007
Document accepted manuscript
Title (Primary) Subcellular chemical imaging: New avenues in cell biology
Author Decelle, J.; Veronesi, G.; Gallet, B.; Stryhanyuk, H.; Benettoni, P.; Schmidt, M.; Tucoulou, R.; Passarelli, M.; Bohic, S.; Clode, P.; Musat, N.
Journal Trends in Cell Biology
Year 2020
Department ISOBIO
Volume 30
Issue 3
Page From 173
Page To 188
Language englisch
Keywords chemical imaging; correlative microscopy; electron microscopy; elemental imaging; X-ray fluorescence; SIMS
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Abstract To better understand the physiology and acclimation capability of the cell, one of the great challenges of the future is to access the interior of a cell and unveil its chemical landscape (composition and distribution of elements and molecules). Chemical imaging has greatly improved in sensitivity and spatial resolution to visualize and quantify nutrients, metabolites, toxic elements, and drugs in single cells at the subcellular level. This review aims to present the current potential of these emerging imaging technologies and to guide biologists towards a strategy for interrogating biological processes at the nanoscale. We also describe various solutions to combine multiple imaging techniques in a correlative way and provide perspectives and future directions for integrative subcellular imaging across different disciplines.
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Decelle, J., Veronesi, G., Gallet, B., Stryhanyuk, H., Benettoni, P., Schmidt, M., Tucoulou, R., Passarelli, M., Bohic, S., Clode, P., Musat, N. (2020):
Subcellular chemical imaging: New avenues in cell biology
Trends Cell Biol. 30 (3), 173 - 188