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Title (Primary) Whole-cell redox biocatalysis driven by photosynthesis: an integrated bioprocess design for phototrophic biocatalysts
Author Hoschek, A.
Source Titel Chemical Biotechnology
Year 2019
Department SOMA
Volume 31
Page To XVI, 189
Language englisch
Keywords biocatalysis; photosynthesis; bioprocess development; biotransformation; cyanobacteria; oxygen; Dissertation
Abstract Much success was already achieved for the development of efficient oxyfunctionalization bioprocesses by the application of oxygenases in heterotrophic whole-cell host systems. However, several restrictions such as the technically limited O2 supply and carbohydrate-based electron supply still limit their implementation on an industrial scale concerning production rates and costs. The use of phototrophic organisms as whole-cell biocatalysts for oxygenase-based biotransformations provides an alternative and promising technology for the eco-efficient production of oxyfunctionalized value-added chemicals. While numerous cyanobacterial or microalgal bioprocesses were already developed for CO2-derived fermentations, biotransformation processes relying on the generation of activated reduction equivalents as well as O2 derived from photosynthetic water oxidation are rare. In this context, research mainly focuses on the demonstration of engineered catalysts with emphasis on the production of hydrogen. Yet, an integrated bioprocess design for the application of phototrophic organisms in redox biotransformations beyond the proof-of-concept catalyst development is lacking. This thesis aims at the integrated application of biotechnological methods and strategies for the development of eco-efficient photosynthesis-driven oxyfunctionalization processes. The main research question combines the conceptual evaluation of photosynthetic electron and O2 supply with the technical applicability of cyanobacteria as phototrophic host organisms in a hydrocarbon oxyfunctionalization bioprocess. Using a guide of integrated bioprocess design, biocatalyst, reaction, and process engineering tools are applied for the establishment of new, photosynthesis-driven bioprocesses.
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Hoschek, A. (2019):
Whole-cell redox biocatalysis driven by photosynthesis: an integrated bioprocess design for phototrophic biocatalysts
Chemical Biotechnology 31
Shaker, Aachen, XVI, 189 pp.