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Title (Primary) Regulation of marine capture fisheries
Title (Secondary) The Oxford handbook of comparative environmental law
Author Markus, T.;
Publisher Lees, E.; ViƱuales, J. E.;
Year 2019
Department UPR;
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T32;
Keywords comparing fisheries laws and policies; laws preventing overfishing; sustainable fisheries; European Union (EU); Japan; New Zealand; co- and market-based management; minimizing environmental impacts of fishing
UFZ inventory Leipzig, Bibliothek, Hauptlesesaal, 00534871, 20-0003 DK: 349.6 Oxf

This chapter focuses on laws that regulate marine capture fisheries. It first provides a brief overview of the current state of world fisheries resources before introducing a systematic and flexible analytical framework for assessing and comparing the regulation of marine capture fisheries. In particular, it considers key regulatory instruments that address the problem of overfishing, along with criteria for designing and narrowing down possible scopes of comparisons. Based on this approach, the chapter compares the fisheries laws of Japan, New Zealand, and the European Union, with emphasis on scope, competence order, and central legislative acts as well as the regulation of the management process. It also explores laws and policies that affect the functioning and effectiveness of fisheries rules before concluding with a discussion of commonalities and differences, system specificities, and specific shortcomings.

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Markus, T. (2019):
Regulation of marine capture fisheries
In: Lees, E., ViƱuales, J. E. (eds.)
The Oxford handbook of comparative environmental law
Oxford University Press, Oxford, p. 489 - 508