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DOI 10.1021/es071369s
Title (Primary) Results of field tests on radio-wave heating for soil remediation
Author Roland, U.; Holzer, F.; Buchenhorst, D.; Kopinke, F.-D.
Source Titel Environmental Science & Technology
Year 2007
Department TUCHEM
Volume 41
Issue 24
Page From 8447
Page To 8452
Language englisch
Abstract After developing the radio-wave technique for various conditions in laboratory-scale and technical plant-scale experiments, field tests in combination with biodegradation and soil vapor extraction were carried out at three sites: (i) a bioremediation facility for ex situ cleaning of soil, (ii) in situ remediation of contamination at a former storage facility for organic solvents, and (iii) a polluted soil under a former petrol station. Various electrode arrangements such as parallel plates, rod arrays, and coaxial antenna were applied in order to meet the site-specific requirements optimally. Soil temperatures between 35 and 100 °C were established. The successful tests gave much insight into the engineering, physical, biological, and chemical aspects of radio-wave application. General conclusions on the appropriateness and competitiveness of the radio-wave method as well as on preferred application fields are drawn.
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Roland, U., Holzer, F., Buchenhorst, D., Kopinke, F.-D. (2007):
Results of field tests on radio-wave heating for soil remediation
Environ. Sci. Technol. 41 (24), 8447 - 8452 10.1021/es071369s