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DOI 10.1016/B978-0-12-409548-9.11585-4
Title (Primary) Biodiversity and the loss of biodiversity affecting human health
Title (Secondary) Encyclopedia of environmental health, 2nd edition
Author Hammen, V.C.; Settele, J.
Publisher Nriagu, J.O.
Year 2019
Department BZF; iDiv
Page From 340
Page To 350
Language englisch
Keywords Biodiversity; Climate change; Deforestation; Driver; Ecosystem; Global change; Haze; Human health; Invasive alien species; Loss; Marine; Pollinator; Species
Abstract This article describes several aspects of the interaction between biodiversity or the loss of biodiversity and its effect on human health. Biodiversity and some of its factors can potentially affect human health, but the loss of biodiversity is also impacting human health. Assessments of human health and of biodiversity status are similarly difficult and have changed over time with developing views and knowledge about nature. Nowadays, major global changes have developed that are able to impact the biodiversity–human health relationship, such as deforestation and climate change. Evolution and contemporary trends of this relationship as well as the current loss of biodiversity are the main focus in this article, in addition to descriptions of specific cases illustrating the relationship between biodiversity and human health. Examples of global changes and their effects on biodiversity and feedback loops to human health encompass all major ecosystems. The deforestation in Southeast Asia has a strong effect first on biodiversity and later on human health. Anthropogenic changes, which can enforce cross-species transmissions of pathogens, as well as climate change will alter the biodiversity–human health interaction, especially on the level of disease networks. Impacts on human health by the loss of pollinators, invasive species, and changes in aquatic biodiversity, and also specific human microecosystems and their influence on human health, are briefly described. Finally, newly emerging diseases, especially zoonosis, are described in their interaction between global change, deforestation, and ecosystem disturbances and their impact on cross-species transmission and ultimately on human health.
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Hammen, V.C., Settele, J. (2019):
Biodiversity and the loss of biodiversity affecting human health
In: Nriagu, J.O. (ed.)
Encyclopedia of environmental health, 2nd edition
Elsevier, Amsterdam, p. 340 - 350 10.1016/B978-0-12-409548-9.11585-4