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Title (Primary) Host-parasitoid models in temporally and spatially varying environment
Author Wiegand, T.; Wissel, C.;
Journal Ecological Modelling
Year 1994
Department OESA;
Volume 75-76
Language englisch;
Keywords Host-parasite interaction; Spatial distribution
Abstract So far models describe host-parasitoid interaction in a phenomenological way. We discovered that the parasitoid behaviour of searching and laying eggs is essential for the question of stability. Therefore, we model the searching of parasitoids in a spatial and temporal inhomogeneous environment. Temporal inhomogeneity results in seasonal patterns of the distribution of hosts and parasitoids. We find that a slight temporal desynchronization between the emergence of hosts and parasitoids is an effective mechanism leading to stability. In the case of inhomogeneous space we solve some as yet unresolved problems. The existing host-parasitoid models are confined to very special cases because they use a constant spatial distribution of parasitoids and hosts from generation to generation. We show that variation in this distribution can appear and is important for coexistence.
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Wiegand, T., Wissel, C. (1994):
Host-parasitoid models in temporally and spatially varying environment
Ecol. Model. 75-76 , 161 - 170