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Title (Primary) ESPREssO Enhancing Risk Management Capabilities Guidelines
Author Cedervall Lauta, K.; Albris, K.; Zuccaro, G.; Leone, M.F.; Martucci, C.; Grandjean, G.; Baills, A.; Schueller, L.; Thieken, A.; Hemmers, J.; Thiebes, B.; Schwarze, R.; Pickl, S.; Booth, L.; Scolobig, A.; Fleming, K.; Amaratunga, D.; Dias, N.; Clegg, G.; Haigh, R.
Year 2018
Department OEKON
Page To 67
Language englisch
Abstract As a final product, the ESPREssO project has compiled a comprehensive set of guidelines, synthesizing the findings from the many, and diverse, activities of the consortium. The guidelines are based on best practices identified in the Action Data Base; on recommendations identified in literature as well as in our national reports; and on the many useful inputs we have received from interactions with the project’s stakeholders. The guidelines emphasize the need to focus on a number of “broader” societal tasks complementing the traditional disaster management: bringing together stakeholders with different knowledge, needs and abilities with an aim to improve European disaster resilience. To this end, we have devised a model: the SHIELD model. The model identifies six overall priorities for improving disaster governance: sharing knowledge, harmonizing capacities, institutionalizing coordination, engaging stakeholders, levering investments, and developing communication. While each of these six priorities are related to the traditional disaster management phases, they also all extent beyond these as they are relevant across the phases and include all parts of government.
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Cedervall Lauta, K., Albris, K., Zuccaro, G., Leone, M.F., Martucci, C., Grandjean, G., Baills, A., Schueller, L., Thieken, A., Hemmers, J., Thiebes, B., Schwarze, R., Pickl, S., Booth, L., Scolobig, A., Fleming, K., Amaratunga, D., Dias, N., Clegg, G., Haigh, R. (2018):
ESPREssO Enhancing Risk Management Capabilities Guidelines
ESPREssO – Enhancing Synergies for Disaster Prevention in the European Union, 67 pp.