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DOI 10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.09.160
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Cool farm tool water: A global on-line tool to assess water use in crop production
Author Kayatz, B.; Baroni, G.; Hillier, J.; Lüdtke, S.; Heathcote, R.; Malin, D.; van Tonder, C.; Kuster, B.; Freese, D.; Hüttl, R.; Wattenbach, M.
Journal Journal of Cleaner Production
Year 2019
Department CHS
Volume 207
Page From 1163
Page To 1179
Language englisch
Keywords Water footprint; FAO56; Crop water use; Stakeholder involvement; Water resource management; Irrigation requirements
Abstract The agricultural sector accounts for 70% of all water consumption and poses great pressure on ground water resources. Therefore, evaluating agricultural water consumption is highly important as it allows supply chain actors to identify practices which are associated with unsustainable water use, which risk depleting current water resources and impacting future production. However, these assessments are often not feasible for crop producers as data, models and experiments are required in order to conduct them. This work introduces a new on-line agricultural water use assessment tool that provides the water footprint and irrigation requirements at field scale based on an enhanced FAO56 approach combined with a global climate, crop and soil databases. This has been included in the Cool Farm Tool – an online tool which already provides metrics for greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity impacts and therefore allows for a more holistic assessment of environmental sustainability in farming and agricultural supply chains. The model is tested against field scale and state level water footprint data providing good results. The tool provides a practical, reliable way to assess agricultural water use, and offers a means to engage growers and stakeholders in identifying efficient water management practices.
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Kayatz, B., Baroni, G., Hillier, J., Lüdtke, S., Heathcote, R., Malin, D., van Tonder, C., Kuster, B., Freese, D., Hüttl, R., Wattenbach, M. (2019):
Cool farm tool water: A global on-line tool to assess water use in crop production
J. Clean Prod. 207 , 1163 - 1179