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DOI 10.1111/jpy.12772
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Title (Primary) The seasonal effects on the encrustation of charophytes in two hard‐water lakes
Author Herbst, A.; von Tümpling, W. ORCID logo ; Schubert, H.
Source Titel Journal of Phycology
Year 2018
Department FLOEK
Volume 54
Issue 5
Page From 630
Page To 637
Language englisch
Keywords biomass ion composition; carbonate precipitation; Characeae; total inorganic carbon; water chemistry
Abstract Encrustation and element content of six charophyte species from two hard‐water lakes were investigated monthly for a period of 1 year. Seasonal patterns were analyzed for the interaction of water chemistry. Encrustation followed a seasonal pattern for Chara contraria, Chara subspinosa, and Nitellopsis obtusa in Lake Krüselin and for Chara globularis and Chara tomentosa in Lake Lützlow. However, no seasonality in the precipitated CaCO3 was observed for C. subspinosa in Lake Lützlow and for C. tomentosa in Lake Krüselin, indicating a lake‐specific dependency. Species‐specific encrustation was found. Chara contraria and N. obtusa encrusted the most in June and August, whereas C. subspinosa and Nitella flexilis/opaca exhibited lowest encrustation in March and April. The precipitated CaCO3 of charophytes correlated negatively to the concentration of total inorganic carbon in both lakes. Element content of plant dry weight was species‐specific for Ca and K, and lake‐specific for Mg. No specific pattern was found for the TP and Fe contents. The results showed seasonal, species, and lake‐specific influences on the encrustation of charophytes.
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Herbst, A., von Tümpling, W., Schubert, H. (2018):
The seasonal effects on the encrustation of charophytes in two hard‐water lakes
J. Phycol. 54 (5), 630 - 637 10.1111/jpy.12772