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Title (Primary) Geometric state function for two-fluid flow in porous media
Author McClure, J.E.; Armstrong, R.T.; Berrill, M.A.; Schlüter, S.; Berg, S.; Gray, W.G.; Miller, C.T.;
Journal Physical Review Fluids
Year 2018
Department BOSYS;
Volume 3
Issue 8
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T31;
Abstract Models that describe two-fluid flow in porous media suffer from a widely recognized problem that the constitutive relationships used to predict capillary pressure as a function of the fluid saturation are nonunique, thus requiring a hysteretic description. As an alternative to the traditional perspective, we consider a geometric description of the capillary pressure, which relates the average mean curvature, the fluid saturation, the interfacial area between fluids, and the Euler characteristic. The state equation is formulated using notions from algebraic topology and cast in terms of measures of the macroscale state. Synchrotron-based x-ray microcomputed tomography and high-resolution pore-scale simulation is applied to examine the uniqueness of the proposed relationship for six different porous media. We show that the geometric state function is able to characterize the microscopic fluid configurations that result from a wide range of simulated flow conditions in an averaged sense. The geometric state function can serve as a closure relationship within macroscale models to effectively remove hysteretic behavior attributed to the arrangement of fluids within a porous medium. This provides a critical missing component needed to enable a new generation of higher fidelity models to describe two-fluid flow in porous media.
ID 20878
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McClure, J.E., Armstrong, R.T., Berrill, M.A., Schlüter, S., Berg, S., Gray, W.G., Miller, C.T. (2018):
Geometric state function for two-fluid flow in porous media
Phys. Rev. Fluids 3 (8), art. 084306